Ganesh Lognathan

Ganesh 1

Principal Lawyer

Ganesh has a background of being exposed to a wide area of legal matters in his previous roles. He has a strong understanding of both litigious and non-litigious matters and uses this wide experience to offer constructive and practice advice to his clients.

Ganesh has acted for property developers both small and big in advising on many facets of their development endeavours. He has acted for major Owners Corporation Mangers in advising on issues relating recovery of overdue levies, disputes with management and the striking of special levies. He is well-versed in debt recovery procedures and can advise on the most cost-efficient manner to collect debts or outstanding invoices. Ganesh also advises clients on Estate Planning matters, Commercial leasing and the Sale and Purchase of Businesses.

Having appeared as counsel in numerous occasions in VCAT and other forums, Ganesh has a strong background in advocacy. He is able to appear on client’s behalf on a number of different matters. For more complex matters, Ganesh is well acquainted with Barristers who may be briefed to appear on client’s behalf. Ganesh is a strong believer in resolving matters before going to court and he works proactively and collaboratively to ensure that disputes can be settled at an early stage. For matters where resolution or mediation is not practical or feasible, Ganesh fights hard to ensure that his clients retain the upper hand. For his business clients, Ganesh always stresses the importance of commerciality in their decisions, regardless of whether they may have the upper hand on a legal footing.

When not working, Ganesh enjoys watching documentaries and planning his next big overseas trip. He is a supporter (and sufferer) of Arsenal Football Club.